EFT on Marriage

I work largely with married couple and I often incorporate EFT into couple therapy. EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique or otherwise known as Tapping Therapy. It involves uses of words and gentle tapping on certain parts of the body, mostly on the face.

What’s going on when we tap? In my counselling sessions, as we tap, I often see my clients visibly soften their speech and a new perspective is often gained and a different emotion elicit, it usually a different emotion which troubled them a moment ago.

When couple are confronted by marital issues, they usually faced a lot of anger, sadness and etc. some of these emotions built up over the years and couldn’t find ways to address or released. They continued to exist within us for a long time.


EFT helps to release these emotions. By releasing these emotions, couple synergy and dynamic can be balance and thus reinvesting energy back into the relationship. 

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The Counselling Paradigm has AAMET certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioners.

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