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Worries in Your Life

Alan is a self-employed business man and he came to me because he was worried about his business as he saw a recent decline in his profit and was afraid that he couldn’t make end meet. He was nervous and worried and looking tired. It appeared that he was not looking after for himself.

So we began tapping on:


Even though, I’m nervous and worried about my business….

Even though, my business is not doing well and I don’t understand why…. 


I’m feeling nervous about my business

I’m worried about my business

It’s not doing well

I don’t understand why

It wasn’t like that in the past

What’s going on

What’s went wrong

Why is it not coming


After a couple rounds of tapping, it had gotten him from a 9 to 6 and finally down to a 2.5 but it did not goes down any further. I knew it was time to talk again. I asked him: “what do you notice when you were tapping?” He recalled bits and pieces of memories from his past when he was a little boy, his family was poor and they had a constant struggle for money. All these bits and pieces of memories pointed out to him that his family was poor. He always heard his mother saying “no money”. It was a 7 to 8 intense feeling.


Even though, mom always says no money….


Mom said no money

She said we don’t have money

We always don’t have enough

We can’t buy that

We cannot afford that

It’s too expensive

It’s a struggle

We are not rich


At this point client felt sad. He continued to add that there were so many things he dearly wanted and needed as a little boy but was also constantly remind that he could not afford it as he was a poor boy. Seeing others kids getting what they wanted were a pain to him. He didn’t dare to dream to have. He felt so restricted. The sadness was intense for him as he rated it at a 8.


Even though there were so many things I dearly wanted and needed and I dare not dream to have it….

Even though seeing other kids getting what they wanted were a pain to me, I deeply and completely love and respect myself.


There were so many things I dearly wanted

There were so many things I dearly needed

And I was told that I could not afford that

I was just a little boy

I just wanted to play with toys I like and loved

My family was poor 

I was poor

I dare not dream to have


It had cushion down the sadness from an 8, 6, 4 and finally at a 2. It also had brought in an insight for the client that it was so long ago and he didn’t really have to listen to the writing on the wall anymore. It was visibly noticeable that he was lighter in mood. 


Even though I had all these believe that I was poor, I choose to forgive myself and my family for they were doing the best they can to save every penny. 

Even though, I felt restricted in the past but that was a long time ago, I choose to be free from my past and choose to believe abundance is coming my way. 


Its ok now

I am free from my past

I can now build up my abundance

I allow the permission to myself to feel good 


After the tapping, Alan felt good and lighter in his body. His restrictions and sadness was gone. Therapist wanted him to think about his nervous and worries he had on his business and he felt that was gone too. 



(Client has given permission for his therapy session to be shared here. Name has been changed to provide privacy for him.)

AAMET Advanced Certified Practitioners

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I was nervous, anxious and do not know what to expect in my counselling session but the counsellor made the session very comfortable for me and guided me to my goals in the counselling. I have now greater awareness of myself and the things that previously caused me anxiety and sadness no longer do so – B.H
I had previous counselling experiences before but finds it only ok until the counsellor introduced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to me. I enjoyed the experience of EFT as it brought peace to me and I accepted myself as who I was, thank you so much. – C.K

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