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Dealing with Personal Stress at Work

Jane has been very stressed out by her job. This is her 3rd job in her career and she is known as a capable person at her workplace.

She came to therapy because she finds that she was not handling stress well. She is known by her personality at work to be cooperative, capable in her area of work and she finds that her boss often pass bigger projects to her to handle. As she is also cooperative, her boss will sometimes ask her to pass down 'difficult' messages to her staff because her boss do not want to handle these people herself. It is difficult for Jane because these staff do not report to her and she feels it is not within her authority to do so. 

She has been stressful and having nightmares about work, and sometimes wakes up with migraine and feels lethargic to go to work.

In this session, Jane also felt a sense of pressure on her throat and chest area. I worked with her on this issue using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  

After guiding her through the process of EFT, Jane explains that she realised that she create too much stress on herself and trying to hard to please her boss and maintain harmony with her colleagues. She also felt that she should learn to listen more to her inner voice, rather than to listen fully to what other people tell her to do. After the session, Jane felt the pressure on her throat and chest area greatly reduced. Some weeks later when she returns, she also updated that she did not have the nightmare about her work and boss and slept much better.

Faith Foo
EFT Practitioner
The Counselling Paradigm

 (Client has given permission for her therapy session to be shared here. Name has been changed to provide privacy for her.)

AAMET Advanced Certified Practitioners

The Counselling Paradigm has AAMET Advanced Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioners.

I was nervous, anxious and do not know what to expect in my counselling session but the counsellor made the session very comfortable for me and guided me to my goals in the counselling. I have now greater awareness of myself and the things that previously caused me anxiety and sadness no longer do so – B.H
I had previous counselling experiences before but finds it only ok until the counsellor introduced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to me. I enjoyed the experience of EFT as it brought peace to me and I accepted myself as who I was, thank you so much. – C.K

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