How EFT Helped in Overcoming Recurring Fear

Shelly have been having a particular nightmare for many years. This nightmare has often been about her father which incites fear in her within the dream.

Her parents have been divorced for many years, as the main child who feels stuck between the two parents, trying not to take sides while maintaining some form of cordial relationship with them has been very stressful and difficult for her. 

After her parents divorced, she stayed with my mother but somehow try to remain in contact with her father who stays separately. Her mother is afraid to let him know where they now stay in fear that he will come and create trouble for them. So they never let him know their address though he roughly now which area they stay in.

In her recurring dream, she always saw that her dad came and knock hard at the door of her current home. And she was very fearful to open the door and she saw that angry look in his eyes. Every time she woke up, she would breathe very hard and just remain fearful even though she knows it is a dream.

As the therapist, I worked with her on this challenge using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  After guiding her through the process of EFT, Shelly was so surprised that she felt much better after the session - even though she was unsure whether she would still have the nightmare after the session.

It has already been 1.5 years after that therapy session and Shelly's nightmare about my dad knocking on my door has never returned. She is still in touch with my dad and she is  glad that she was able to overcome her inner fears during the therapy session.


Willy Ho
EFT Practitioner and Clinical Director
The Counselling Paradigm

 (Client has given permission for her therapy session to be shared here. Name has been changed to provide privacy for her.)

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