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Anger Desensitization Counselling Therapy

If you observe yourself, your spouse, partner, family member or friend losing control over the way they express their anger, it would probably signal a crucial need to seek professional help. Sometimes, it may not be others, but how you feel when you are the one getting all the anger built up internally within you. If you feel that your anger is really out of control, if it is really affecting  your relationships and the way you deal with other challenges and stressful parts of your life, you might consider counselling to learn  the knowledge and skills to better manage it. Our trained and professional counsellor can work with you in developing appropriate techniques to bring about the positive changes you want in your life, including managing your anger and bringing forth positive and constructive emotions into your life.

Possible expression of angers that may signal to you that professional help is required

  • Rage anger
  • Verbal abuse
  • Behavioral aggression
  • Retaliatory anger
  • deep levels of resentment towards someone or a situation

Anger Management Therapy in Singapore

"I was feeling angry all the time. People kept asking me to let it go but I simply can't do it. I was feeling angry at my family and all that they were doing. It affected my sleep so much as well. The therapist here helps me so much through the sessions. Right now, I am a more peaceful person. Things and people that used to make me angry no longer has that effect on me. "


"I find it extremely hard to enjoy anytime with my friends and family because I feel this anger inside me. Me and my partner found it harder and harder to talk without me getting angry at her. The counsellor guided me to release the anger through the sessions through Emotional Freedom Technique. It is hard to describe the inner freedom I felt. Thank you so much "


"Going to work everyday is a trigger for me. I feel very frustrated and angry. It just mount up higher and higher until one day I scream and yell at my girlfriend. Through counselling therapy, I began to understand why I was feeling this way, and begin my own healing journey of all that was feeling. I am glad that I become a much better and happier person, and my girlfriend is very glad to see the change in me "


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