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Therapy for Anger Management Singapore

When do I Need Counselling for Anger Management in Singapore?

If you observe yourself, or others (  your spouse, partner, family member or friend, an employee ) losing control over the way they express their anger, building up of mental stress - it would probably signal a crucial need to seek professional counselling help and support for anger management at a counselling centre in Singapore.

Professional counsellors will assist to facilitate healing of anger emotions, and you can seek professional help in Singapore. We provide both face to face and online counselling sessions and systemic psychotherapy for clients in Singapore.

Symptoms of Anger Management Issues

Anger management issues and problems that may signal to you that professional counselling service sessions is needed for anger management therapy

  • Feel angry often and frequent arguments with others

    (Chronic anger)

  • Sudden Outburst of intense anger feelings,
    Aggressive anger. 

  • Expressing anger and saying very hurtful words during arguments
    (which you may or may not regret later)

  • Behavioral aggression (e.g. throw objects) and intense emotional response

  • Shouting at others, relationship counselling may be needed also

  • Deep levels of resentment towards someone or a situation when difficulties arises

  • Inability to initiate/hold calm discussions with others, including in an existing relationships

    Increase blood pressure

  • Self Harm

  • Other underlying mental health issues and mental health conditions such as depression , intermittent explosive disorder

Anger Management Singapore

Can I arrange counselling session for someone with anger management?

Another for the counselling sessions to be effective, it is important for the person receiving help to be open to counselling and therapy for anger management in Singapore in the first place.

If you know of someone who facing anger management issues, anger management problems and needs counselling, approach the person from a place of care, love and concern - and made known to the person that you are supporting his/her healing journey and the benefits of them seeking professional help from someone who is willing to listen to them and support them in their journey.

Find out from them whether they wish to arrange the first appointment themselves (you can pass them our contact information) or they wish to arrange for them. 

How can counselling services help with anger management?

If you feel that your anger is really out of control, leading to anger management issues, anger management problems (such as strained relationships and  negative consequences in your life), we recommend that you receive professional counselling by trained counsellors in Singapore.

Anger Management Counsellors will facilitate you to process your anger feelings, and manage anger in a more positive way.

Anger issues rarely exists in isolation and need to be addressed as whole. Sometimes, the events that causes your anger are built up over time, and at other times - it can be due to specific traumatic events (such as accidents, physical trauma, loss of a loved ones).

Professional Counselling

Mental health counseling will help you and your loved ones cope better with the stresses that caused your anger by talking to someone trained to listen.

People are stressed by different events in their lives (financial difficulties when stressed by their monthly income, work stress, crisis, marital issues, sexuality issues, other family members facing depression, trauma, relationship issues, traumatic events such sexual assault..etc.).

While anger is a normal human emotion, chronic anger or prolonged anger within a person will tend to lead to angry outbursts and other symptoms.

Our trained and professional counsellor provide counselling services and support for  anger management therapy  and psychotherapy in Singapore.

We can work with clients with anger management in developing appropriate techniques during counselling to bring about the positive changes you want in your life, including managing your anger and bringing forth positive and constructive emotions into your life and mental health.

Our singapore counselling centre uses Emotional Freedom Technique as the core and effective approach in our counseling for anger management Singapore to reducing anger intensities and promote mental wellness for our clients.

  • Helping you develop a greater awareness of why you feel the way you feel

  • How to deal with anger management issues

    Reduce and minimize feelings of anger, and having an overall positive effect on your physical health

  • Change negative thoughts pattern by reframing of your feelings and thoughts process to work more in a constructive manner

  • Facilitate the process of better manage anger and improve mental well being

  • Techniques to reduce level and intensity of anger

    Seek help today  as delaying will usually lengthened the period of stress and emotional distress for you and others around you

Do you see both adults and children?

We provide counselling services session in Anger Management for clients (for adults, as well as parents who wish for their children to receive counselling . 

While most people attend anger management counselling services as individuals, parents can accompany young children, and sometimes partners will attend the session together as part of family therapy.

Are you a private counselling care centre?

The Counselling Paradigm is a private counselling centre located in Singapore.

We conduct both face-to-face and online counselling for anger management Singapore and support clients to deal with problems caused due to their anger through therapy sessions. Home visits are made a case to case basis. 

How Much Does Therapy for Anger Management in Singapore Cost?

It is important to start by talking to a counsellor by arranging a counselling appointment. You can refer to our fees table here.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from Mon - Fri ( 10.30 AM to 8.30 PM), Saturday (10.30 AM to 3 PM). We are closed on public holidays. 

How to Make An First Session Appointment at your Centre?

Our counsellors and therapists have been featured as experts in Asia and Singapore's media such as Counsellors.Asia , SimplyHer Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The New Paper and more. To arrange an appointment, click the button below

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