Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselling Therapy

Our pets are part of the family, and forms a close bond with us  as their "Paw-parents" if we are the main care-givers, or as their "siblings" if they grow up together with us in the family.

It is not easy when it comes to losing a dear pet, and we often have deep sense of sadness and grief.

In Loving Memory of Brownie Foo. 2019 Nov 31

"My dog, Choco - passed away last year due to a sudden illness. I was in great shock and could not accept his death as he was still so much bubbly till the last 2 weeks of his life. He is almost to me like the baby of the family. I could not understand why this has happened to him, and the sufferings he went through in the hospital. I kept crying even after his funeral, and could not bring myself to enjoy anything at all. The therapist helps me to process my thoughts and emotions through the sessions. I am at peace now. Thank you"


"When Jayjay, my 10 year old cat passed away - I felt a part of heart has died. I could not eat properly, I can't sleep without thinking of him and crying in my sleep. I found it almost hard to stay at home because everything at home reminds me of him. I wanted to have closure to his passing but did not know how to go about it. At The Counselling Paradigm, Faith helps me to bring about the closure that I wanted. Nowadays, I can be at home comfortable, and look at Jayjay's photo and items with peace and love and gratefulness"


"It had been very hard for me to handle her death. My friends could not understand me. My family members wanted to remove her things. I was so angry and my heart was in so much pain. It was really unbearable. I really miss her but I did not how to handle it and move on without feeling all these things. After therapy sessions, I feel so much better and also learn to forgive myself because I had realised I had so much guilt in me. "


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