Couple Counselling Therapy

Issues Faced by Couples

When a new relationship is formed between a couple, the happiness and bliss of the relationship often seemed so smooth going in the first few months of the couple's time together.

"Honeymoon Period" - a term often used by couple to describe the first stage of relationship together, is usually filled with excitement of meeting up, and the curiousness of getting to know each other at a deeper level.

As the couple began to know each other better, each party also began to know each other strengths and weakness more and more. Usually, couples hope that over time, each partner will learn to accept the other party more and more inspite of the differences. However, as months or years goes on - the relationship can become more tense, or simply goes into a period of passiveness in the relationship.

Sometimes, either/both parties may choose to "ignore" the weakness of the other party and hope some changes may takes place down the road. At other occasions, the couple may decide to split, as they find it hard to continue in a deep commitment. In certain circumstances, couples are also wondering whether to move into marriage even though they are facing alot of problems in their current relationship with one another.

It is also possible that both parties find that they love each other deeply, but just do not know how to move on in the relationship constructively. In cases like this, it would be beneficial to seek professional counselling to revisit and understand why circumstances have developed to the present state over the period of the relationship.

When adequate understanding, awareness and insight is gained, couple can regain the new found knowledge to move forward their goals in their lives.

Why do couples go for counselling?

There are many reasons that might bring couples to seek professional marriage counselling Singapore, including but not limited to the following

  • You do not communicate well with your partner
  • Frequent conflicts between you and your partner
  • You feel angry with your partner
  • You do not feel a sense of intimacy with your partner
  • You feel that you love your partner, but just think that something is somehow "missing" in the relationship
  • You felt that your partner don't value your opinions
  • You feel both of you are drifting apart more and more
  • You feel discouraged by what has been happening between the two of you
  • Your partner feel very difficult to talk to you or share things with you
  • You want to resolve things with your partner but both of you find it hard to talk through things calmly
  • More and more tension in the relationship

What will happen during couple counselling?

The counsellor will facilitate the session to walk you through:

1. Discuss and Establish the goal of couples therapy 

What does both of you want to address and improve in the relationship?

There might be a number of issues that both of you want to address, it is important to focus on the key issues first and work on specific goals. This will enable both parties to move forward to work towards solutions.

2. History and Challenges in the relationship

Awareness is one of the key stepping stones to changes and improvements. 

During the counselling session, the counsellor will facilitate both of you through the identification of challenges faced  in the relationship, and where these may have stemmed from. 

3. Healing in the relationship

Our centre has develoepd the 5 Steps Process to couples reconnecting together.

This will be explained in details during the counselling session

- Acknowledge

- Letting Go

- Forgive 

- Healing

- Reconnect with One Another

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