Emotional Freedom Technique


Heal from your hurts, sadness, anger, grief ...

The truth is that almost any problem that stands between you and the goals, priorities, and commitments of your life may be improved with the help of a skilled, experienced and trained counsellor/therapist.

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"I have been facing sadness for many years. At The Counselling Paradigm, my therapist makes a significant difference in my life by helping me gain awareness of my own sadness causes and guiding me to release it through therapy. I am a very different person now with sadness released from my life!"


"I don't know why i always feel sorry for myself. To the point that even get angry for no apparent reason. Through therapy , I gain understanding why I feel that way. Most important, after some sessions at The Counselling Paradigm, I feel a new sense of confidence in myself in my relationships with others as well as at work. Even my friends can sense the difference"


"Since young, I have frequent anxiety and panic attacks that affected my life in many ways. I often feel overwhelming sense of stress imposed on me. My therapist at The Counselling Paradigm assisted me in releasing a lot of my negative emotions. I am happy to say that panic attacks are no longer part of my life. A new sense freedom I have."


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