Marriage Counselling Singapore

Mr Willy Ho shares on 5 Steps Process to Healing Your Relationship
Clinical Director, The Counselling Paradigm

There are various reasons why you are looking for marriage counselling in Singapore.

Marriage counselling becomes important if there are conflicts and difficulties in the relationship that is difficult to resolve by yourselves. 

Couples needing marriage counselling Singapore usually look for counsellors that provide private sessions.

Some partners will also explore pre-marriage counselling as a form of marriage preparation to sort out possible issues before they commit to a marriage together.

Relationship matters - that is why effective marriage counselling is important to facilitate common goals and emotional intimacy in the relationship.

In looking for the best marriage counselling approaches, you can look at reviews of the counsellor , counselling services provided, recommendations and testimonials prior to signing up a counselling session with the counselling centre.

Marriage counseling Singapore will provide the best stepping stone for the couple to move forward together, harnessing emotional support between couples.

We provide marriage counselling in singapore for residents, expats through our face to face sessions. Online counselling sessions via Zoom are also available.

Marriage Counselling in Singapore

How do we know we need marriage counselling in Singapore?

1. Couples' Communication with Each Other Has Worsen

When communication has deteriorated, it can be very hard to get it going back in the right direction. Poor communication can often leave one or both partners feeling  depressed, disregarded, or feel like stopping honest conversations with each other.

Communication becomes energy draining to both parties also. It is important to remember that it’s not always what you say, but the tone and manner of how the words were spoken. When left unattended, it may led to high level of anger and frustration for both parties. The marriage counseling Singapore with professionally tested and approved approaches can help improve mutual understanding when relationship emotional challenges.

Occasionally, one partner may also be experience other physical health and mental health issues that has added stress to the relationship.

2. When either partners thinks about having an affair, or one partner has had an affair.

You could be hurt and angry over the marriage infidelity that your spouse had committed. You could be having load of questions overwhelming your mind like: "How could you do these to me?", "Why did you do it?" When an affair kicks into your lives between you and your spouse, you can be confused and lost. Your emotions charged up quickly.

The distance between you and your spouse to drift apart and the trust is gone and lost. You need to attend session for marriage counseling Singapore to save your marriage. When the trust is broken, you would need to learn how you and your spouse can amend it?

Let us journey with you to explore the recovery process. 

Trust can be rebuild when honesty and thoughtfulness are proved over a period of time through marriage counseling.

3. When Staying Together is Just "Staying Under One Roof"

Living together under one roof does not necessary mean that a meaningful relationship is happening. Relationship conflicts can still occur. When couples are staying together just for the sake of staying together, this may indicate a need for a professional counselor to work with you.

Trained counsellors work with you to examine the issues that led to the lack of intimacy and rebuild your lives together. Relationship counselling for married couples can support and help couple resolve conflicts.

4. When Resolving Differences between Couples Becomes More Challenging than Before

Differences in thinking and behavior/actions can sometimes lead to great sense of distance between each other.

Distancing often only leads to even worsen communication. Many times couples may feel that they know what is wrong but find it extremely hard to work out their differences in a peaceful and accepting manner. Family related issues and personal challenges can also added on the stress of the couple.

If a couple is stuck, a professional marriage counseling Singapore can help them moving in the right direction. Relationship counselling helps couple develop greater self-awareness of why the differences occur and what can do to work around it.

5. When Couples Feels that They Need to Live Separatedly

When a couple is in a strong tension in the relationship, a break in the relationship may seemed to be helpful. However, a day stay away from home may eventually leads to a temporary or extended separation, - this may indicate a need to seek professional counselling.

Spending time away from each other for long usually does not resolve the situation, and only tends to worsen the communication. Marriage counselling singapore can help both partners to face the tough issues that they previously find it to deal with and facilitate the healing process for both parties

6. When Children Seems to be the Only Common Platform

Sometimes, you feel that you want to only stay together because of the children.

Often couples believe that they are doing the right thing when staying together can actually is detrimental to the children if measures not taken to ensure a healthy relationship within the entire family system.

On the contrary, if the couple is able to resolve root issues and move toward a constructive relationship, this will benefit all members of the family through family counselling. Our counsellors use ethical and professional standards in our therapy approaches with our clients.

What is the Process of Marriage Counselling Singapore?

What can we expect during marriage counselling Singapore?

1. Discuss and Establish the goal of counselling

What does both of you want to address and improve in the relationship?

There might be a number of issues that both of you want to address, it is important to focus on the key issues first and work on specific goals. This will enable both parties to move forward to work towards solutions. Family counselling helps develop greater foundation for the journey ahead.

2. History and Challenges in the relationship

Awareness is one of the key stepping stones to changes and improvements. 

During the session, the counsellor will facilitate both of you through the identification of challenges faced  in the relationship, and where these may have stemmed from.  Developer greater self awareness is one the key principles to better mental health for both partners.

3. Healing in the relationship

Our professional counsellors in our centre has developed the 5 Steps Process to couples reconnecting together. He also integrates the use of appropriate techniques (including but not limited to Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Our Founder, and Clinical Director Mr Willy Ho explains more in the video on the top of this page

- Acknowledge

- Letting Go

- Forgive 

- Healing

- Reconnect with One Another

Marriage Counselling Singapore

Should I Attend the Marriage Counselling Singapore Alone or with My Partner?

Marriage counselling is most effective when both partners attend the counselling services together.

However, if your partner is not ready yet , then it is also important for you to self-care and develop greater skills to take care of your own emotional health and mental wellness.
You can then proceed to arrange an individual counselling appointment for yourself first. 

Sometimes, when one partner to attend the sessions, he/she begins develops greater understanding of the counselling process, and is able to communicate the advantages of marital therapy to his/her partner - paving the way for the partner to join in the couple therapy.

Sometimes, if other family member(s) are involved in the causes of the relationship strains (e.g. differences on how to handle a difficult family member) - upon discussion with the counsellor, decisions can be made on whether to include the person in family therapy.

How Often Do I /We Attend the Marriage Counseling Singapore?

Most counselling sessions are conducted once a week / once in 2 weeks.
Marriage counselling Singapore are commonly attended by both partners together. However, if the counsellor assesses that either of you needs individual session, he will recommend to you during the session.

If you travelled from overseas to Singapore to see our counsellors, you can also request for more intensive therapy sessions to facilitate the recovery process for the couple.

Sometimes, when one partner to attend the  sessions, he/she begins develops greater understanding of the counselling process, and is able to communicate the advantages of marital therapy to his/her partner - paving the way for the partner to join in the couple therapy.

Sometimes, if other family member(s) are involved in the causes of the relationship strains (e.g. differences on how to handle a difficult family member) - upon discussion with the counsellor, decisions can be made on whether to include the person in family therapy.

Marriage counselling singapore

Do You Provide Face to Face or Online Marriage Counseling Singapore?

We provide
- both face to face counselling at our centre, and
- online counselling are held via zoom. Once you arranged the session with us, we can coordinate with you on the secured zoom login information.

My partner and I worked during the weekdays. Is your centre opened on weekends?

During the weekdays, our last session is from 7.15 PM to 8.15 PM. Allowing both of you to travel down after work.
For weekend services, we are opened on Saturday with last session from 2 PM to 3 PM.
We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

How to Make An Appointment

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