Emotional Freedom Technique

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  • What can I expect in the EFT Therapy Session?

    In a one-to-one session with our certified Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) Advanced Practitioners–  we will ask you what you would like to work or improve on in your life, and facilitate the appropriate way to achieve so by identifying and clearing / reducing any feelings that can be a barrier to your goals. (eg: Alice felt angry at her husband).

    This facilitation process include some discussions about how you feel and the specific event(s) that contributed to how you feel  (e.g. Alice's husband complained about her in the present of her relatives, scolded her at home about her cooking, her parenting skills )and tapping on specific points with specific EFT procedure(s) to clear or reduce these negative emotions that you are feeling (e.g. clear emotions about her anger, her lack of self confidence, etc).

    During this process of resolving your personal negative emotions, you may either choose to disclose details of events you want to heal behind those emotions, or you may also information private. Our certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners are able to work with you in either way as appropriate EFT procedures can be applied in your situation(s).

    Our clients who have experienced EFT have often received relief and even new insight to their previously felt emotions. This often gave them a sense of renewal and growth in their lives. (e.g. Instead of feeling anger, Alice become aware of her own emotions of lack of self-esteem, and her own expectations of her husband, as well as how she can appropriately handle comments from her family members in her life

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Emotional Freedom Technique
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