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EFT Tapping Circle

We host Tapping Circles once a month on Zoom for SG$15.00 per Circle.


A Tapping Circle is an affordable way to incorporate EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping into your routine on a more regular basis. Tapping is an effective way to regulate your emotional intensities. It empowers you to manage stress and negative emotions .

Tapping as a group can reinforce the effects of EFT. 

For beginners - the Tapping Circle gives you a place to try out tapping as a group.
For experienced tapper, the Tapping Circle provides you the opportunity to  you the connect and tap with like- minded people.


At the Beginning of Each Tapping Circle Session, the facilitators (EFT Practitioners from The Counselling Paradigm) will introduce the topic for the session 
- For Example (Tapping on Anger, Sadness, Stress etc)

We would ask you to all think of an issue to focus related to the topic, and we would then all collectively tap, focusing on our own personal issue and releasing all of the negative emotions linked to the issue. 

We will guide you through the Tapping sequence and help you release the emotional intensity of your issue without having to delve into the specific memories.


"I heard about EFT but was not sure how to tap and wanted to join in the tapping circle just to try out first. The facilitator was very clear and helped us as a group to reduce down the stress.

I was actually very stressed by my work but the session helps me improved."  - TT (Singapore)

I experienced tapping before but need the discipline to tap more regularly. The tapping circle helps me incorporate more routine tapping into my life . Thank you - J.K (Singapore)

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