Testimonial: Anger Management Counselling

I was skeptical that seeing a counsellor will help me at all. I been through 3 failed relationships in the past five years. I was getting tired of even want to continue dating in any form.

My colleagues and my family members noticed that I was getting more easily angered. The last straw was when I threw things at a family member.

I knew that I had to seek help before I get eaten up with all these anger but I do not know where to start. A close friend of mine suggested that I look for a counsellor near my workplace so that it is easier for me to travel down after work.

The counsellor here helped me feel that I was not judged for my feelings and thoughts. Over time, he facilitated and helped me understand why I feel the way I felt from my past relationships. After going through Emotional Freedom Technique therapy, I felt my anger emotions released tremendously. I am happy to say that I no longer has anger outburst, and I am able to recall my past relationships without feeling angry. 

My counselling through anger management therapy also helped me developed new skills to move forward in processing my feelings better. 

- Client ( X. Z, 2022)

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