Testimonial: My Social Anxiety Treatment Therapy

Since mid 2021, I started developing anxiety whenever I am in a social settings.
I used to enjoy going out shopping, meeting friends, hanging out with them. But all that has changed since May 2021.

Whenever I am sitting down with my friends, even in groups of 2 to 3 - I was having difficulty breathing and my mind run amok.
I was so nervous that I keep thinking what I need to do or say infront of them. Even meeting my relatives became a big problem.

One day, when I was going out with my boyfriend, I started to freeze half way and was having difficulty breathing. 
My boyfriend wanted to help me but he knew he could not do much except to support me by encouraging me to seek professional help.

After trying out some talk therapy at another counselling clinic - it did not helped me much. 
I heard about Emotional Freedom Technique and how it has helped many people with anxiety problems. 
So I googled and found The Counselling Paradigm as they have certified EFT Practitioners.

My therapist was Ms Faith Foo, she was very understanding, very patient with me and hear me out.
Through the therapy sessions, I gained awareness of why developed all these anxiety emotions and Faith helped me to faciliate the release of the anxieties.
Eventually, I was able to progress to meet my friend of group of 2 when Covid rules relax, and eventually groups of 5 with no anxiety attacks at all. I am very happy that my social life is regaining its momentum,

- Client ( T.K , 2022)

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