Taming The Hulk In You (Anger Management)

Anger is one of the most common emotions in human. In fact, I have not known of anyone who hasn’t been angry before.

I’ve long understood that anger is an expression of what was unsatisfactory to us and I see anger is a protection emotion but if the anger is blown out of proportion, that could be dangerous.

I’ve got a client, Alex*, he came to me for anger management therapy. He will hit himself on the face if he had done or said something wrong. There were also times that he would punch the wall expressing his anger. Although he stayed alone and had a girlfriend and a fairly large social circle but he didn’t want to talk to them about the dark side of himself. Alex was also passive aggressive to his girlfriend.

He ranted a lot in the sessions with me but he was sure he wanted to move out of his chaotic behaviour.
Alex and I, we formed up some goals to help him to get back on track and we used Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT) to track down the caused of his anger. As we journeyed, Alex gained awareness about his feelings and understood that he didn’t has to respond with anger all the time if things didn’t happen the way he wanted it to be.

He stopped all that hitting himself on the face. He now sees his anger management issues is a thing of the past.

Quote - "Trust this, You don’t want to rant, you want to heal."

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Mr Willy Ho Clinical Director, Advanced EFT Practitioner


*name has been changed for privacy

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